A Two Component, Solid Aether

Video Presentation

The following videos present Dr. Larson's aether model:

  • Introduction, Axioms, and the Postulated Force Laws (13 minutes)
  • Review of Vector Calculus (9 minutes)
  • Setting up the Math and the Ramifications of Incompressibility (13 minutes)
  • Ramifications of Tension (14 minutes)
  • Ramifications of Flow and the Aether Equations of Motion (11 minutes)
  • Putting it all Together: Deriving Maxwell's Equations (9 minutes)
  • The Aether: More Results, Tests and Conclusion (13 minutes)

  • Original Publication

    Dr. Larson's aether model was originally published in Physics Essays in 1998. That paper is reproduced on this website with permission granted from Physics Essays in 1999. To Read the Original Publication, click on the following link:

  • Derivation of Maxwell's Equations from a Simple Two-Component Solid-Mechanical Aether