The ABC Preon Model

Video Presentation

The following videos present Dr. Larson's ABC preon model:

  • Introduction & History Prior to the Standard Model (8.5 minutes)
  • History of the Standard Model (12.5 minutes)
  • Modeling Leptons in the ABC Preon Model (9.5 minutes)
  • Modeling Hadrons in the ABC Preon Model (10 minutes)
  • Quarks, Neutrinos and Weak Interactions (12.5 minutes)
  • The Masses of the A B and C Preons (9.5 minutes)
  • High Energy Physics Experiments (11.5 minutes)
  • Judging the ABC Preon Model Against Competitors (11 minutes)
  • Summary And Conclusion (8.5 minutes)

  • Original Publication

    Dr. Larson's ABC Preon model was originally published in Physics Essays in 1997. That paper is reproduced on this website with permission granted from Physics Essays in 1999. To Read the Original Publication, click on the following link:

  • The A-B-C Preon Model